The Salento

“We live in an enchanted world, among grand stone buildings, in a broad plain. ... fronds for Palm Sunday, a bloodied saint at sunset, a slow book recounting few deeds, which we read and re-read, while we wait for life to give us all the things that we think we deserve”. This is the Salento described by Vittorio Bodini, probably the greatest poet of the Salento. The Salento is a region rich in history and traditions, natural and architectural beauty, all waiting to be discovered, with over 250 kilometres of coastline studded with beaches, coves, cliffs and bays, washed by a crystal clear sea.

It has always been a bridge between East and West, and the civilisations that have passed through this land have left a rich legacy. This region, characterised by its large vineyards and olive groves, is home to 1400 species of plant. Its numerous small villages with their whitewashed houses and narrow winding streets are inhabited by people with a strong sense of hospitality. The local cuisine, ancient traditions, folklore, rural festivals and cultural events are all features of a land that is waiting to be discovered and never disappoints.


  • Archeodromo, South Eastern Trains for visits
    A perfect travel time along a path from prehistory to come to the Middle Ages, even through the charm Messapian age...
  • The Energy of Roy Paci 
    Energy will be rock, hot and passionate Sicilian artist Roy Paci to turn the hearts of the peopleof La FOCARA, the largest fire in the Mediterranean, that the next 16...
  • Shuttle Service
    Presidio Ospedaliero n° 1 - Stabilimento di Campi Salentina - Unità Operativa di Medicina Interna - Ambulatorio di Immunologia Clinica del dottor Minelli...

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